Denton Cleaners: Denton’s Greener Dry Cleaners


Denton Cleaners leads the industry in the use of traditional wet cleaning and natural solvents. In fact, our solvent is recommended by both Greenpeace and the EPA as the safest cleaning solvent for the environment. We also utilize recycled poly bags and hangers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Most traditional dry cleaners use petroleum based solvents like perchlorethylene, posing many risks:

  • Toxic air contaminate
  • Hazardous waste
  • Probable carcinogen
  • Irritant to eyes, ears and nose; causing headaches and dizziness
  • Skin irritant
  • Strong, ether-like odor

At Denton Cleaners:

  • We use our best judgment to decide whether your clothes are wet cleaned or dry cleaned based on what’s best for the garment.
  • Our dry cleaning process uses the best natural solvent available for your clothes and the environment (no PERC!).
  • Our gentle process keeps clothes softer, brighter and fresher
  • Garments have a fresh, clean scent


So feel good about bringing your clothes to Denton Cleaners.  We’re the best in town—and green, too!